2021 Christmas House Decorating Contest

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s
Christmas House Decorating Contest!

The 2021 San Lorenzo Village Homes Association

Christmas House Decorating Contest has 3 winners!!! Congratulations!

Thanks to Village Properties, the Village Realtors, and Shamrock Realty for joining forces to sponsor this annual event.

Thanks to all the community judges. Their numbers were all tallied, and it was a super close race. You have no idea how close…

Lisa Thornton
Matt Behrens
Jhoana Magistrado
Puffy Moring
Leslie Ka’ala Lewis
Nitty P
Michelle Doherty

Jordy Grgich
Fran Blasquez
Danielle Bishop
Danielle Wilson
Matt Chelucci
Shirley Greene
Karen Griego
Peg Roberts-Kramer

Amanda Greene-Nowlin
Sam Nowlin
Joe Nowlin
Sung Lee
Sheila Sherbesman
Mimi Dean
Kristine Stuber

Everyone who entered has really helped out the town morale and we are forever grateful!

Here are the entries for this year’s Christmas House Decorating Contest.
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Via Cordoba

Via Julia

Via Harriet

Fero Drive

Times Avenue

Via Media

Bengal Avenue

Via Del Prado

Via Media

Via Rincon