Street Sweeping Schedule & Map

The San Lorenzo Village provides its residents with street sweeping service as an effort to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment for our community.

Here are ways you can help keep your street clean:

  • Do not sweep leaves from your front yard, sidewalk, or planter strip onto the street. When large piles of yard waste are vacuumed up by the sweeper it can cause the sweeper to clog and break down.

  • Do not place leaves or other debris into the street or gutters. Leaves collected and piled in gutters can hide larger objects such as rocks, large twigs, and bricks that damage sweepers, which interrupts the sweeping schedule.

Below is a map that shows which areas are swept on which days (click on the map for a larger version. And click HERE for a PDF of the map, along with a street index.

Please remember also to move your vehicle(s) on your sweeping day and if you are in Monday’s area, where “no parking signs” are posted, you can be ticketed if your vehicle(s) are not moved. Also remove any branches from the street, as our sweeper cannot pick these up.