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Meet Your Directors

Emanuel M.S. Robinson, President (term ends 2023)

Raised in the San Lorenzo Village has brought me to where I am today. Attending Del Rey and Arroyo High School gave me to the foundation in obtaining my B.S. from Cal Poly Pomona in Urban and Regional Planning. Through my teenage years I served on the San Lorenzo Area Youth Advisory Commission as well as the San Lorenzo Village Task Force that was able to design the San Lorenzo Village Center Specific Plan in 2004.

Professionally I have been a planner for Riverside County as well as assisted in forward planning / project management for Pulte Homes / Del Webb, K. Hovnanian, and currently with The New Home Company. Currently I service as a HOA Board Member on startup operations on 8 HOAs that The New Home Company currently has under development throughout Northern California.

Historic preservation is the key element that I believe keeps San Lorenzo Village relevant. This community once was on the national stage for revolutionary achievements. I believe the strong days of yesteryear are only ahead of us. Through focused goals and foresight, I look forward in serving the San Lorenzo Village Proudly.

Kathie Ready, Vice President (term ends 2022)

Kathie ReadyMy name is Kathie Ready and I love San Lorenzo Village. I have always believed in our little community and the strength and power of its citizens. As humans, we may not always agree with each other but if the end result is a better, safer, happier place for the majority of us, then that really is all that matters.

My husband, Jim, and I have lived in the Village for many years. We raised two wonderful daughters that married, bought homes in the Village and are now raising their children here.

I believe I can offer both experience and knowledge. In the early 2000’s I was a member of the Homes Association Board and was its President. I was a member of the San Lorenzo Redevelopment Board and Chair of that group for 2 years. I was appointed to the Alameda County Planning Commission, was a member for 9 years and sat as Chair of that Commission for two years. I can really see both sides of issues. I understand how government works and how it should work for the betterment of the community as a whole. I know how important it is to follow our governing documents and how they protect our interests.

I’ve known better days in the Village and sincerely believe we can have those again. Our community heart is still strong!

Diane Wydler, Secretary/Treasurer (term ends 2022)

Diane WydlerMy family moved to San Lorenzo when I was two (2) years old and I grew up here; went to UC Berkeley, became a high school teacher and eventually taught at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward. Different jobs led me to San Jose where I lived until 2009, when I moved back to San Lorenzo into the house where I had grown up. My parents still owned and lived in this house until they both passed away.

I became involved in the SLVHA; served on committees, helped with community events, and eventually served as a Board Director from 2010-2013. Being a Board member takes a lot of work and dedication, but is also extremely rewarding and educational. During my break from being a director, I continued to be involved with community events, have served as Chairperson of the Ad Hoc CC&R Implementation Committee, and have continued to attend both Board Work Sessions and regular Board Meetings.

I look forward to being on the Board again and to working with you, the membership, to address the current issues of San Lorenzo Village, so that it remains a safe, beautiful, and community oriented place to live.

Michelle Clowser (term ends 2021)

Michelle ClowserI was born and raised a San Lorenzo Villager. I attended Del Rey, David E. Martin (when it still existed), and Arroyo H.S. (1989 Grad) I know most of the Villagers from days of old through school, through softball and soccer, through volunteer work (my parents encouraged kids to do community work as volunteers) and by attending meetings of the HOA and School Board with my parents.

I also graduated Cal State Hayward with a B.A. in English and went on to Gonzaga Law School where I obtained a Juris Doctorate (law degree). I have also worked as an English teacher at the San Lorenzo Adult School (teaching at-risk youth) and have worked as a substitute teacher in SLZ from time to time. I’ve worked since 1998 as an attorney in civil law.

My personal time has been spent doing volunteer work for the community in whatever capacity I am needed. There is a lot to do, but many hands make light work and I’m happy to pitch in. I would like to encourage more members of the community to participate, to step up and to help out so that together, as a community, we can help keep San Lorenzo a nice place to live and thrive.