CC&Rs, Policies, & Forms


Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs) impose certain rules and regulations on the use of your property. The purpose of the CC&Rs is to establish the highest possible property values by protecting the lot owners against improper use of surrounding lots that might depreciate the value of their property.

CC&Rs are not an optional part of your property. When your home was built, the original homeowner agreed to abide by the CC&Rs as part of the purchase of their home. When homeowners sell their property the obligation to abide by the CC&Rs is automatically transferred to the new homeowner. As a member of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association you are responsible for following the CC&Rs. If you do not live at the property, and the tenant violates the CC&Rs, you are still ultimately liable.

CC&Rs are enforced by the Association — When there are violated they may be subject to monetary penalties. Information on the policy and procedures for fines & penalties follows. Also, included is a summary of the most important CC&Rs. If you do not have a complete copy of the CC&Rs and you are a homeowner, you may stop by our office at any time and pick up a copy.

More Information:

Purpose of CC&Rs

Purpose of San Lorenzo Village Homes Association’s CC&Rs What are “CC&Rs”? Technically (and within the context of residential neighborhoods), a covenant is a rule governing the use of real property. However, in common usage, it may also refer to a promise or agreement (as formalized in a deed) concerning the use of the land, as …

Policies & Forms

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Online Payments Portal

Annual Assessments on all properties in the San Lorenzo Village are due on January 1st of each year. Payments received after February 1st will incur a late charge and accrual of interest every month until the balance is paid in full. Assessments can be paid via online at You can pay via credit/debit card or …