I Love San Lorenzo – Coloring Page

Art is one of the valuable things that has helped many through this time of Covid-19. Click the picture below for a PDF of this “I Love San Lorenzo” page, which you can decorate and color.

If you’d like, you can turn it in to the SLHVA office (a photo via email or the original through the office mail slot). Some artists might just make it into future Village Briefs, where their awesome art will live for generations. We might also add some to this page, for the world to see.

There are no age guidelines. All ages are accepted since artists come in all ages. There are no limits as to how many- make as many as you want. Get creative. Keep some, hang them up. Show off those awesome art skills and a bit of Village pride! Maybe hang it on the fridge, or in the window to show your neighbors as they do their daily walks.