Apply to Serve on the Eden Municipal Advisory Council

Interested in serving your community? The Alameda County Board of Supervisors has approved an Eden Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) to represent the unincorporated communities of San Lorenzo, Hayward Acres, Ashland, and Cherryland.

Supervisor Wilma Chan has four appointments and is accepting applications from residents in her District until Saturday, November 2nd at 5:00 PM. We are seeking individuals with the following traits:

• Understanding of issues affecting Eden Area residents
• Commitment to representing diverse community interests
• Objective, unbiased decision-making and representation
• Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment

You are eligible if you are a resident living in – or have operated a business for at least five years in – one of the following communities:

• San Lorenzo
• Hayward Acres (the area surrounded by West A St., Hesperian Blvd, Bartlett Ave., and Hathaway Ave.)
• West Ashland (north of Crespi Place and west of Ashland Ave., 159th Ave., and I-580)

Click on the image below for a flyer with more information, or contact Jared Savas at 510-278-0731 or

San Lorenzo’s Community Identifier

Painting of San Lorenzo’s Community Identifier
to begin in early September!

The Alameda County Arts Commission announces that artist John Wehrle will begin painting the San Lorenzo Community Identifier on both sides of the I-880 Highway overpass above Hesperian Boulevard in early September. The anticipated start date is Wednesday, September 4. John Wehrle’s design includes the words “San Lorenzo” and images of the San Lorenzo Creek including depictions of water, Sycamore tree leaves, and other natural elements such as a dragonfly, turtle, duck, and butterfly. The artist will work during daytime hours, Mondays through Fridays. It will take approximately three to four weeks to complete the project. Professional traffic control will be on site to control lane closures and help ensure public safety. Drivers should expect some delays. For comments and questions, community members can call the Project Hotline at 510-891-5597.

Project Overview

There are three Community Identifier Projects in the County’s unincorporated areas of Ashland/Cherryland, Castro Valley, and San Lorenzo. The Ashland/Cherryland and Castro Valley Community Identifiers were completed in late July 2019. The projects were developed through community interest and support. The overall goal is to help support a positive and welcoming environment for the community and visitors. Community members were involved in the projects from their inception by contributing to community surveys about their neighborhoods, participating in community roundtables and community meetings, providing comments about the artists’ proposal designs, and serving on the artist selection committees. The projects were officially reviewed and approved by the Members of the Alameda County Arts Commission and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The projects are being completed in accordance with requirements of the Alameda County Public Works

Digital mock-up of San Lorenzo Community Identifier design by artist John Wehrle
Anticipated start date for painting is Wednesday, September 4

For more information, please contact the Alameda County Arts Commission, a Division of the County of Alameda.

Halloween Parade & Games Event

It’s early, but SAVE THE DATE — Saturday, October 26th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the San Lorenzo Village HALLOWEEN event is just around the corner. All the fun festivities will be outdoors this year. Mark it in you calendar, and click on the image below for a flyer.

Free Mattress and Boxspring Recycling

On the third Saturday of each month for the rest of the year, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., you can drop off your old mattress or box springs at the corner of Mission & Hampton (20095 Mission Blvd in Cherryland)

For more information, contact the office of Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley at 510-670-5717, or click the image below for a flyer. Bye Bye Mattress is a program of the Mattress Recycling Council.

Annual Assessments


Attention Homeowners of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association: The last day to pay the 2019 Assessment of $125 without penalty was February 1st. If you have not submitted your payment, we urge you to contact the Association Office for your current balance, so you may make your payment immediately.

Delinquent accounts can be sent to collections, where additional fees will apply, increasing the balance owed.

If you have not submitted your payment, we urge you to contact the Association Office for your current balance, and make your payment immediately.

Assessments can be paid online at Please be advised that this is through a third-party service, and Mutual Pay Property may charge its own fee to process a payment.

Please Note:If you own more than one (1) property, please submit assessment payments separately for each property, so that payments are applied to the correct account. 

Street Sweeping Map and Schedule posted

The Street Sweeping Map and Schedule has been added to the website. You can find the page by clicking here, or by going to “About Us” above, and selecting it from the menu that pops up. On that page you can view the map, or click to download a PDF with the schedule and map, as well as a street index for the San Lorenzo Village.

House of the Month

Every other month the Association will be choosing a house from those nominated by you as the House of the Month. To nominate a beautiful, well-maintained home in your neighbor, please complete the attached form and submit it to the SLVHA.