Update to Front Yard Policy

The SLVHA Board has approved an update to the Front Yard Policy. You can view it below, or from the Policies & Forms page.

The Notice of Adopted Changes regarding the Front Yard Policy is being provided in the Village Briefs as a courtesy to all members. The Notice of Adopted Changes was (originally posted on December 18, 2023, and confirmed on January 29, 2024), at the Association’s enclosed bulletin board and on the Association’s website

Community Spotlight

Do you know someone who makes a great impact on our communities by working tirelessly behind the scenes, not for glory and recognition but toward the humble ideal of doing their part to make the world a better place?

If you know someone who is making a difference in our community – let us know, and we will shine the Community Spotlight on them.  Send your nominations to nortiz@slvha.com; see below for the information needed.

CHP: Report Sideshows

The Hayward CHP office is ramping up enforcement efforts in 2023, in response to an uptick in sideshow and reckless driving, occurring throughout Alameda County. Sideshow activities such as donuts and ghost riding are reckless, unsafe, and unlawful and pose an extreme danger to those participating in the activity, and to other motorists and bystanders.

If you have information about upcoming sideshows, street racing or have identified ongoing traffic concerns in your neighborhoods throughout unincorporated western Alameda County (Fairview, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Ashland, and Cherryland), please email 345recklessdriving@chp.ca.gov or call (510) 901-0373. This number is for NON-EMERGENCY calls.

9-1-1 is still to be used to report life-or-death emergencies in progress.

Community Events Committee

The San Lorenzo Village Homes Association invites you to join the Community Events Committee. The Community Events Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers helping envision the future of current and prospective public events in San Lorenzo. Committee volunteers may support one or multiple events during the planning and execution stages. Committee volunteers will attend meetings as needed, depending on the individual volunteer role being filled.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Community Events Committee, please email us at info@slvha.com and indicate your interest in becoming a volunteer.

Any questions can be directed to the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association at 510-276-4554.

Click here to view the Committee Charter, adopted May 2021

Street Sweeping Schedule and Map

The San Lorenzo Village provides its residents with street sweeping service as an effort to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment for our community.

Here are ways you can help keep your street clean:

  • Do not sweep leaves from your front yard, sidewalk, or planter strip onto the street. When large piles of yard waste are vacuumed up by the sweeper it can cause the sweeper to clog and break down.

  • Do not place leaves or other debris into the street or gutters. Leaves collected and piled in gutters can hide larger objects such as rocks, large twigs, and bricks that damage sweepers, which interrupts the sweeping schedule.

Below is a map that shows which areas are swept on which days (click on the map for a larger version. And click HERE for a PDF of the map, along with a street index.

Please remember also to move your vehicle(s) on your sweeping day and if you are in Monday’s area, where “no parking signs” are posted, you can be ticketed if your vehicle(s) are not moved. Also remove any branches from the street, as our sweeper cannot pick these up.

Alameda County Mobile Citizen App

Alameda County Public Works Agency utilizes a Mobile Citizen App to allow community members to instantly communicate with us about issues they see such as potholes, graffiti, Illegal dumping, etc. For more information about the app and to find a link to download it on your phone, please visit the Mobile Citizen page on their website.

Good Vibes Shop

Buy some San Lorenzo Village Swag! T-shirts, baseball caps, and hoodies are available. Click on the images below for pictures of the items.

All items are sold at cost, and any extra money donated will go to fund town events for kids. To purchase,  contact the SLVHA by email (info@slvha.com) or phone (510- 278-4554).